New Year, Get Fit for Golf!

new year_first paragraphTake a second look at that spin class! Next time you are in that spin class, take the ear plugs in and pump up the volume to some club music or rap to get you pushing your limits. Motivation through music can turn your spin class from boring to burning. The technique is being used in the big cities, so take your ear buds armed with your motivational music to your next spin session. You don’t have to pay the big bucks for some music you can download yourself and take to any class.



new year_second paragraphFind a dance class and preferably a hip-hop workout dance class. Formal dancing can work to. Whatever kind of dancing that you want to do as long as you get out and do it. Moving your body in different ways and using the different muscles can help shape you up better than doing repetitive movements at the gym with the same muscles. If you are finding that you have hit a place in your normal workout that your body has stopped responding to, hit the dance floor to help shape the rest of your muscles up. There is a reason that star contestants on Dancing with the Stars report on the interviews that they are in better shape after the show. The dancing did that. So find a studio or gym that has the dancing class you want and dance that body into shape.


new year_third paragraphBallet and Yoga combine to make the Yoga Barre classes. These classes put together the body sculpting ballet moves, heat for some detoxing, and yoga for the muscle tone. This will get your body up and out of the maintenance state and into the shaping zone. Finding these classes is not too difficult. They are popping up in studios everywhere from the popularity the classes are getting.

I know I already mentioned dancing, but Salsa is a world all on its own. Find a recommended Salsa dancing studio. Remember to keep the knees lose and the body. Salsa can give you that dream body from Latin America. If you want those curves and lifted thigh muscles, then this is the workout for you. Looking good in a bikini is just one of the benefits. The aerobic workout that comes for Salsa dancing is amazing and the more you do it, the higher those energy levels go.

Research the new classes in your area, especially if it has been a while since you took a look at what is offered in your area. Studios and gyms change and pop up all the time. A lot of them offer deals for newbies too so you can try things out before making commitments.

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Make Stretching A Regular Routine B4 Golfing or Any Other Sport

stretchingEven lifelong health nuts sometimes forget to stretch in their eagerness to get a workout in, and this can be very detrimental to their fitness goals. For many, this forgetfulness is linked to the lack of visible associated results. In reality, there are several key benefits derived from ensuring that you make stretching a part of every exercise routine.

  1. Activates glutes muscles – our glutes tend to suffer the most when we adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Nerves that feed into this area often atrophy the longer we become accustomed to sitting, and the muscles begin degenerating. Stretching helps to open up circulation and awaken these muscles. Get in the habit of getting up from your chair as often as possible to stretch your glutes and hips muscles.
  2. Loosens up tight muscles – there are multiple activities that lead to tightening of the muscles including carrying a backpack for long periods, sitting with poor posture and without back support. Stretching helps to loosen up these muscles, and will make you feel better.
  3. Releases mental tension – taking a 10-15minute break to stretch provides an excellent opportunity to take your mind away from everyday pressures and achieve some calm. Taking a mental break is especially important when you feel stressed and will make you feel more energized before resuming your tasks.
  4. Eases muscle tension after exercise – fitness experts recommend making stretching an essential part of your cool down after exercise. When you workout, your muscle length shortens and stretching helps to ease the feeling of tightness and soreness.

Stretching allows for the muscles affected to become more flexible. When they are allowed to get tight, it can make injuries more serious and cause pain in other related parts of the body. Lengthening these muscles will improve range of motion and reduce the risk of injury when you do eventually enter into more rigorous physical activity. Stretching also improves blood circulation, ensuring better delivery of blood and nutrients to injured muscles. This means more efficient recovery from injuries and soreness. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your stretching. Also try getting some bcaa. It can be bought on Amazon at

  • Stretch when your muscles are warmed up. This means doing some warm up exercises beforehand if you intend on stretching before a workout. Also, warm up before a yoga or Pilates session.
  • Focus on your major muscle groups, especially those that you make the most use of. The hamstrings, chest and quadriceps are of key importance. Create a routine that focuses on one key are of the body at a time, rather than trying a full body stretch.
  • Perform stretching exercises carefully and gently. Our technique will be as important as your carefulness. Learning how to perform the stretching exercises from a fitness instructor is recommended.
  • If you are not advanced, avoid stretching and balancing at the same time. use supportive structures like walls and furniture to aid you in gaining stability.
  • Stretching is not meant to be painful. If you do feel pain, gently move out of that position. Injuries when stretching are often the result of poor technique.
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